Bodies in Motion. To the point of exhaustion!

CURATORS Anna Chrtková, Petr Dlouhý
ARTISTS Adina Malina ▪ Becka McFadden ▪ Eduard Adam Orzsulik & Evil Medvěd ▪ Viktor Szeri [Budapest] ▪ and others tba
GRAPHIC DESIGN Terezie Chlíbcová

Raving, dance, collective ritual. A space surrendered to many things: an enjoyment, an incarnation of desire. Concert, performance, rave. Heat, steam, moisture, sweat. To the point of absolute exhaustion!

We return to the purely physical world, where limits coalesce into a single flow: silence - noise, exhaustion - action, speed - slowness. Y: Sweat and Fire explores the collective union of individuals through rhythm, sound, invisible waves, bubbling energy and the tension permeating the bodies taking part. A night structured through inhalations and exhalations, vibrating substances and sweaty bodies invites the visitor to embody a dreamlike experience of the here and now. A space where we surrender ourselves to the other.

How far can we go together? What rhythms do we want to get lost in? What makes us burn and where can we go to cool down? With what energy do we then exhale? Temporary transformation with a very specific goal – to enjoy a moment of disconnection away from the everyday, economised and normalised environment. Or, on the contrary: a welcome and wanted connection, where I/we voluntarily accept someone else’s rules and allow myself/ourselves to be led through a transformed landscape, which eventually seeps into
the landscape of the everyday.

The event is held in cooperation with BAZAAR FESTIVAL .
The international Bazaar Festival features progressive performance works by dance and theatre innovators that keep a healthy distance from official culture and are not afraid to take risks. Bazaar Festival programming is focused on makers from the independent scenes of Central and Eastern Europe and since 2019, the Middle East.