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Festival History

The Kutná Hora Performing Arts Festival (DFKH) was founded in 2015 by the association Kulturní Invaze, specifically by the current manager of the Theatre X10 Kryštof Koláček and the enfant terrible of the Czech theatre, critic and journalist Vojtěch Varyš. The main goal of the festival was to introduce independent theatre to the historical sites of Kutná Hora. The idea was realized in various parts of the town and the festival consequently breathed new life into the Gothic and Baroque buildings. In the first years of its existence, the festival took place inside and outside the Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region, on the Palackého Square, in the Synagogue and also in the ancient Brewery in Sedlec, a peripheral part of the town where the most iconic buildings of the town can be found: the Ossuary and the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady and Saint John the Baptist. From the beginning, the Theatre X10 was a permanent guest of the festival and it also provided production and technical support.

About The Festival

DFKH has gradually evolved from a raw showcase of innovative alternative domestic ensembles to a major event with an international dimension. From the very beginning, the aim of the festival has been to present contemporary original theatre with a focus on current texts or original projects reflecting today's pressing social situations. The main programme consists of selected new productions of the Czech independent scene from Prague and the regions, as well as a presentation of the European scene. Each year the festival brings to the public productions mainly from Central and Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. An integral part of the festival in recent years has been the Y Events series, which straddles the boundaries of visual and performing arts. The festival programme is supplemented each year with discussions, concerts and a programme for children.


Festival Production

Tomáš Sosna   tomas@divadlox10.cz

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Barbora Koláčková   barbora@divadlox10.cz