Y: Parents

Before the parents became parents, they were between us, they were spectators (theatre, concerts, etc.).

Today (maybe right now) they are dealing with teething pains, nipples damaged from breast-feeding, they´re tired from interrupted sleep or they are trying to solve their missed work duties. In a society driven by effectiveness, speed and
performance, voices of parents are often misheard. Spaces for caring parents are often somewhere “out”, at home, in the (baby) corners; thrown apart from the (political, social and cultural) institutions.

Together with the artist and theatre director Marika Smrekova, we enter the temporary festival community in the Sedlec Brewery and we demand an inclusive and supportive culture that does not isolate parents on safe islands of care for their offspring (in playgrounds, apartments, or programmes designed primarily for children) but seeks alternative models of shared and community support which includes mothers and fathers in the cultural landscape.

A multimedia event-installation Y: Parents focused on seeking and creating spaces where the voices of parents can be properly heard and included into the social (and cultural) events. This way, it offers an opportunity to perceive parenthood not as a downfall in career or participation in social life, but rather as its integral part that provides a significant kind of knowledge and experience.

COOPERATION Iva Ligenzová, Tereza Konrádová
CURATORS Anna Chrtková, Petr Dlouhý
GRAPHIC DESIGN Martin Kyjovský
PHOTOGRAPHY Patrik Borecký

This event was part of the Kutná Hora Performing Arts Festival.

Y: Parents