27. 11. 2020 / 21. 1. 2021 / 17. 2. 2021

We need to pamper our fragile bodies; we need to take care of other peoples’ bodies and be cognizant of our vulnerability. We need to try to balance work and rest, our body and the world around us, solitude and mutuality. We need to find a shared “us”.
The slow TV format, which presents different slow programmes every hour from dawn till dusk, helps to structure an ordinary pandemic work-day. The series, which consists of three ten-hour streams, invites the audience to share their time and space with the artists creating the individual programmes. The content does not require the full attention of the audience and tries to prevent the feelings of guilt for not paying attention or FOMO of the audience. The programme simply runs in the background of our everyday activities; it functions as a live picture; it is trying to find the space between attention and being.

ARTISTS Alma Lily Rayner & Ziv Ben Gal (IZR), Andrea Dudková, Anita Krausová, Denis Baštuga, D'epog, Dominika Hoyle, Ester Grohová & Valentýna Šatrová, Ewa Zembok, Hollow (HU), Jakub Gottwald, Jan Matýsek, Janis Povilaitis (RUS), Karolína Srpková, Klárka Ondračková & Tereza Chudáčková & Laura Prieložná, lilky_60200, Magdaléna Jadwiga Härtlova&RoomFinderWorkingGroup, Maria Komarova, Martin Dlabaja, Matyáš Dlab, Miřenka Čechová, Mischa Badasyan (DE/RUS), Ogutu Muraya (KE), Olga Krykun, Ondřej Štefaňák, Petr Racek, Rufina Bazlova, Tereza Silon, Václav Janoščík, & (Barbora Trnková & Tomáš Javůrek)
THEORY Andrea Průchová Hrůzová
CURATORS Anna Chrtková & Petr Dlouhý
GRAPHIC DESIGN Al Yakubouskaya