Kutná Hora Performing Arts Festival / DFKH 2020

Festival focuses on the presentation of independent and alternative theater on an international scale with a possible impact on current topics.

This year, the festival will present groups and performers from the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Russia and Hungary. It is a platform for workshops focused on the development of cooperation between individual actors, the development and support of the independent sector as such. Also this year, DFKH will offer networking meetings and discussions to the public.


THURSDAY 10 September 2020

16:00 / Palackého náměstí
Little Sea Fairy Tale, Divadlo T601 (CZ)

20:00 / Bar 22
P/\ST - concert

22:00 / Bar 22
DJ Makak - after party

FRIDAY 11 September 2020

16:00 / Palackého náměstí
Aucassin and Nicoletta Fairy Tale, LokVar (CZ)

16:00 / Sedlec Brewery
Miriam Šedá - theatrical reading of the last text of the theatrical fanboy Martin Macháček

17:30 / Sedlec Brewery
Sandpit, Alexander Duchnovič Theatre (SK)

19:30 / Sedlec Brewery
MONSTRUM_and here I am blind, Continuo Theatre (CZ)

21:00 / Sedlec Brewery
Phoenix, Szeri - Páll - Muskovics (HU)

22:30 / Sedlec Brewery
Bloody novel, LokVar (CZ)

22:00 / Sedlec Brewery
Fabien Sans (DJ)

SATURDAY 12. 9. 2020

10:30 / Palackého náměstí
Pulcinella, fairy tale by Slovenian-Czech puppeteer Matija Solce

16:00 / Sedlec Brewery
No more theatre! Project of Jakub Gottwald and Janis Povilaitis created especially for DFKH

18:00 / Sedlec Brewery
Blueprint for Revolution, Glej (SLO)

19:30 / Sedlec Brewery
Parricide, X10 Theatre (CZ)

22:00 / Sedlec Brewery
Being Don Quixote, Matija Solce and Filip Šebšajevič (SLO + SK)

Kutná Hora Performing Arts Festival / DFKH 2020