Y: We Are Not Alone / Slow TV kino


30 hours, 30 artists and collectives, shared attention

FRI 17:00 – SA 23:00

A complete slowing down of time. Darkness, face illuminated by the light of the screen. Let’s do nothing for a little while. Let’s invent nothing for a little while. Let’s stare at the wall for a little while. Laziness. And what if we’re not alone in all this?

The marathon of art films, inspired by the slow TV genre, which were created for the three part online series We Are Not Alone I-III during the lockdowns in winter 2019/2020. You will get the chance to sleep over in the theatre, to have breakfast or dinner there; to discuss the media practice with the artists - all accompanied by 30 slow films projected on the main wall of Theatre X10.

Slow TV is a format which takes into account the conscious refusal of focusing on the plot and which gives the video (TV) the function of a “live image”. The forms of audio-visual arts don’t always have to attract our attention; considering the amount of content which is produced every day, the films and videos are pushed back to the background of our lives. Slow TV cinema gives us content without pressure on its subject; it gives us time to think about ourselves, to focus in and out seamlessly.

ARTISTS Alma Lily Rayner & Ziv Ben Gal [izr] ▪ Andrea Dudková ▪ Anita Krausová ▪ Denis Baštuga ▪ D'epog ▪ Dominika Hoyle [pol] ▪ Ester Grohová & Valentýna Šatrová ▪ Ewa Zembok ▪ Hollow [hun] ▪ Jakub Gottwald ▪ Jan Matýsek ▪ Janis Povilaitis [rus] ▪ Karolína Srpková ▪ Klárka Ondračková & Tereza Chudáčková & Laura Prieložná ▪ lilky_60200 ▪ Magdaléna Jadwiga Härtlova & RoomFinderWorkingGroup [ger] ▪ Maria Komarova ▪ Martin Dlabaja ▪ Matyáš Dlab ▪ Miřenka Čechová ▪ Mischa Badasyan [ger] ▪ Ogutu Muraya [ken] ▪ Olga Krykun ▪ Ondřej Štefaňák ▪ Petr Racek ▪ Rufina Bazlova ▪ Tereza Silon ▪ Václav Janoščík ▪ & (Barbora Trnková & Tomáš Javůrek)

THEORY Andrea Průchová Hrůzová
PRODUCTION Zuzana Rambousková
CURATORS Anna Chrtková & Petr Dlouhý
GRAPHIC DESIGN Al Yakubouskaya, Kristýna Žáčková
PHOTO Marek Koliha

The event was part of the Malá inventura festival.

Y: We Are Not Alone / Slow TV kino