The stream from the studio created in Theatre X10 space focusing on the object of a zine [independent print medium, usually a type of magazine] as a matter of one´s physical perception.

A zine materialized as an object, crafted at home or in another specific environment, made from a rich variety of materials, printed on glossy paper, a zine painted, a zine drawn. A carefully typeset zine, zine simply printed at home, a zine sewed on a sewing machine. Zine as a personal gallery, zine as an ironic commentary about the cultural scene, zine as a way of community communication, zine calling for ecological responsibility. Zine as collective practice or space to express oneself. Zine as a medium for transfer and communication.

With six zine creators and collectives, we searched the ways how to present zine as a specific object communicating with its readers not only through the content but also through the material: through its surface, through its specific scent or shape.

In the middle of curatorial groundwork, the first Covid-19 restrictions interfered so it seemed impossible to organize the physical presentation of the zines. We stayed at home, bound to our tables (or beds or armchairs), stuck to our computers and phones screens, which suddenly represented the last possible communication with the outside world. The zines we collected through an open call laid in the corner of the room and called for our attention.
We were surprised by the intimacy experienced while reading or touching something that had been created by the artists. The pressure for permanent virtual availability was balanced by the power of the artefact which we read and leafed through again and again; we examined the quality and grammage of the paper or we simply touched the manually sewn pages.

ZINES Bylo tu… Bude tu?, Drool, DRZST, Hot Paper Live Love [collection], Gunk, Zaazrak Dornych [collection]
THEORY Miloš Hroch
CURATORS Anna Chrtková st. & Petr Dlouhý
GRAPHIC DESIGN Anna Chrtková ml.