About Festival

The festival presenting independent culture of various genres was created in 2020 as a reaction to the coronavirus epidemic. The decrease in tourism in the city centre caused by the pandemic enabled the Theatre X10 to engage with the local community through a series of cultural events and to connect the locals with the art community, as well as professionals and non-professionals. The aim of the festival is to enable the citizens to create or re-define their relationship with the city, especially with the city centre, and to create a stronger sense of belonging between the locals and particular social groups. The first year of the festival encompassed the promotion of independent culture with the revitalization of the Mariánské Square, an important place in the Prague city centre. The social or cultural institutions of local importance such as the Prague Municipal Library or the Scout Institute participated in the festival.


Why RING X10

The sound of the word ‘ring’ evokes the Old Czech word ‘rynek’ (the old name for ‘open public space or square’); in the past, the Mariánské Square used to be a ‘rynek’, situated in front of the Church of Virgin Mary. The church is no longer there, it has been replaced by the City Hall; what used to be an open space is now a former parking lot, surrounded by libraries. The word ‘ring’ means a constant battle but also a community, a sense of togetherness. ‘To ring’ means to sound, to jingle, to be heard.

Mariánské Square

The open space of the Mariánské Square provides the main venue for the festival. The square is surrounded by a number of important cultural institutions: the Prague Municipal Library with exhibition spaces of the Prague City Gallery, the Clam-Gallas Palace, the National Library and the Prague City Hall. The square, which used to be a parking lot for many years, can now start a new chapter of its existence and try to find a way to develop its potential for the local community.


Festival Curator

Ondřej Štefaňák   ondrej@divadlox10.cz

Festival PR

Barbora Koláčková   barbora@divadlox10.cz