Y Events series

Y: Urban (E)Scapes perceive the urban space as a playground and try to find interactions which break the current stereotypes concerning the everyday perception of the urban space.

The escapist perspective of Y: Urban (E)Scapes is not a call for a definitive retreat from the urban space, but an invitation to explore new ways of looking at the existing reality, gradual excavation of (infra)structures, to use hidden potentials, rearrange corridors, capture unwelcoming places. We’re looking for oases inside construction sites, for a plush instead of asphalt, for communal space in place of the investment return, for the exchange instead of trade offer.

ARTISTS Alyssa Dillard & kol., Alžběta Žabová-Kvasničková, Hana Slaninová, Vojtěch Rada, Bernardeta Babáková, Line Elkjær, Marika Smreková, Nitish Jain, NFNR& unwavemenot [ua] & Iryna Zahladko
CURATORS Anna Chrtková & Petr Dlouhý
GRAPHIC DESIGN Kristýna Žáčková



DIVADLO X10 Charvátova 10/39, Prague 1, 110 00