Beerhouse Celebration. The Waiting Room Trilogy.

TRANSLATION František and Zdena Swidzinských
DRAMATURGY Barbora Hančilová
DRAMATURGICAL COOPERATION Lenka Havlíková, Ondřej Novotný
COSTUMES Jana Hauskrechtová
MUSIC Kryštof Blabla
GRAPHIC DESING Terezie Chlíbcová
STARRING Anita Krausová, Jan Bárta, Jan Grundman, Vojtěch Hrabák, Hynek Chmelař, Jan Jankovský, Dan Kranich, Václav Marhold, Ondřej Jiráček
TRUE GERMANS Nikola Bendová, Laďka Čížková, Julie Hanuliaková, Barbora Havlíčková, Sára Havlíková, Helena Holubová, Tereza Horňáková, Anna Melmuková, Marie Měkotová, Kristina Nováková, Klára Novotná, Markéta Polívková, Michaela Růžičková, Julie Stejskalová, Petra Šavrdová, Veronika Teplíková, Klára Urbanová, Jolana Zachová

THE PERFORMANCE IS 145 MINUTES LONG (including the interval)
PREMIERE 13. 10. 2021

“Justice begins at home.”

Every male character from the spectacular panorama of Munich in the period from 1921 to 1924 tries to succeed with his own grand project. The project to gain sovereign power over the provincial Bavaria, to produce a successful revue, to initiate production of mass-produced cars, to perceive plaster gnomes as works of art, to build a cat farm, to write a chronicle on the injustice of the age, to get rid of inner and outer enemies of the empire.

The main story that connects all the male characters is the struggle of one woman, the graphologist Johanka Krain, who tries to free her boyfriend Martin Krüger, the director of the state gallery, who was convicted in a politicized trial. Johanka works her way through the society of well-established "white men" and encounters various forms of coercion and manipulation as well as café intellectualism and political idealism. The absence of shared moral values, a divided society, the political aims of various interest groups and the failure of the intellectual and artistic elites leads to a failed coup. The leader of the coup is sent to prison where he writes a book called My Struggle. Yet, this could also be the title of the film that Johanka Krain decides to make about her journey to find the undeniable foundations of the rule of law and civil society.

Success is the first part of the trilogy of novels called The Waiting Room. The Theatre X10 is going to present this trilogy in 2021 and 2022 as a consistent large-scale drama project. The second part, The Oppermanns, takes place on the eve of Hitler‘s rise to power and the period shortly after and therefore, it maps the first weeks and months of Nazi rule. The trilogy is rounded off with Exile which focuses on the story of German emigrants in Paris. Feuchtwanger has captured the rise of Nazism with incredible depth, and this almost documentary-like work explores both the general tendencies of the period and specific human motivations. The Waiting Room was written between 1930 and 1940 and it is one of the most powerful anti-fascist literary works. The planned staging of the entire trilogy in one unit will be the culmination of several years of work, crowning the ten years of existence of the Theatre X10. By this ambitious project, the Theatre X10 proves that it is possible to create great drama with a distinctive concept and interpretation and strong social subtext within the independent theatre sector. The Theatre X10 confirms that it still believes in content, message and storytelling.

“I highly recommend seeing the production. And not only because of its artistic values, but because of its socio-political message as well. I think it’s a very important production and I really appreciate that such work has been created.”
The theatre publicist Marcela Magdová in a TV programme ArtZóna (26. 10. 2021, 27:20)



DIVADLO X10 Charvátova 10/39, Prague 1, 110 00