Siberian education

Nicolai Lilin

The stories of one boyhood gang. First-hand.

Death and curses to cops and vagrants!

TRANSLATION Alice Flemrová
DRAMATIZATION Ondřej Novotný, Lucie Ferenzová
DIRECTION Lucie Ferenzová
DRAMATURGY Ondřej Novotný
LIVE MUSIC Markéta Dvořáková
CAST Tereza Nádvorníková, Michal Balcar, Jakub Gottwald, Vojtěch Hrabák, Hynek Chmelař, Václav Marhold

This production is based on the texts and events of the book of the same name, documenting the author's childhood and coming of age in a community of Siberian criminals – the Urkas, who were violently deported in the 1930s from Siberia to Transnistria. The protagonists of the production encounter challenging tasks, just like any gang. Except that this gang is somewhat different: knives, guns, tattoos, orthodox icons, and pagan rituals...
The actors are seated along with the audience around a single table, participating in the same ceremonies, the same stories, creating a single community. There is talk of morality, relationship to others, the system, one's own responsibility for the state of the world. Ink is shown. Do you also remember the moment when you realized that something important is ending from all the weight that fell on your shoulders?

Siberian education


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