Inga Antarktinga

Feminist anti-war performance.

IDEA, DIRECTING, DRAMATURGY Inga Antarktinga (ru-pl)
BASED ON TEXT BY Anna Repman (ru)
MUSIC rlung (Iana Koroleva) (ru-cz)
ANIMATIONS AnimatorsAgainstWar (ru)
POSTER, GRAPHICS Lilya Matveeva (ru)
MOTION DESIGN Evgeny Vrublevski (by), Stanisław Zaleski (pl)
CAST Milana Gorská (ru-cz), Jana Kozubková (cz)

40 days is the period of human soul staying on earth after death, according to Russian Orthodox tradition, so as a transition period after death and between lives in Tibetan Buddhism.

For 40 days everyone of us, young Russian oppositionists, were devoured by war that Russian government started in Ukraine. In the meantime we were passing through our own purgatory: dying of the national identity leftovers, dying of hope for free democratic future in our home country, being buried – again! – into chthonic totalitarian darkness. In spite of our furious, but powerless protest.

It took 40 days to become the enemies to most of the world, despite of love and compassion filling our hearts.

For 40 days we’ve been trying to accept external reality, revaluing the inner one. Everyday we expressed it on Instagram, the only place where we could safely write what we think. Basing on Instagram blog of Russian writer, Anna R., who was in Moscow during all this time, we created this performance – to talk how it is from our side, before the new iron curtain is dropped.

A graduate production by a student of the Ivan Vyrypaev Theater School (STIW) in Warsaw, which was created in an international co-production with the X10 Theatre.

A queer performer, theatre director and a writer. She was born in Russian Far North – Yakutia, then lived and studied in Saint-Petersburg and Prague. Now Warsaw-based, where she created an experimental performative group tArtLib (2016–2019). She's graduated from Ivan Vyrypaev's Theatre School, worked in different theatres in Warsaw and Gorky Theater in Berlin.

„My name is Anna Repman, I was born and raised in Moscow. I write and draw as long as I can remember. Graduated from The Maxim Gorky Literature Institute. My prose, poetry and non-fiction were published in magazines F-Writing, Snob, Afisha, Dvoetochie (Israel) etc.“



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