Pulcinella / DFKH 2020

Matija Solce / Palackého náměstí, Kutná Hora / ZDARMA

Performance is a part of Kutná Hora Performing Arts Festival

AUTHOR Matija Solce

For the audience over 4.
Length of the performance: 40 mins

The show builds on comical situations and is based on the traditional Italian character of Pulcinella who knows no authority or fear. It is a form of puppet minimalism in which first the puppet is created from naught then it comes to life and immediately finds a partner to play with. Pulcinella comes face-to-face with characters such as the dog and Death but in contrast to tradition, the story finishes without a winner.

Matija Solce

Matija Solce (1981) is a Slovenian musician, puppeteer, actor and director as well as puppetry professor, festival organiser and activist. He finished his doctoral studies at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre (DAMU) on the theme of “The musical perspective of puppet theatre”. In his works he closely connects music and theatre and therefore his concerts often turn into interactive theatre performances or his puppet shows become musical compositions. With his accordion and suitcase full of puppets he travelled the globe, experiencing venues as extreme as prisons, ashrams, people's bedrooms or big halls of international festivals. So far he was awarded over 20 times.

He established Teatro Matita in 2002 after completing his studies at Bruno Leone’s traditional Italian hand puppet school in Naples (Italy). His first shows E Beh? (Pulcinella, 2002) and Little Night Tales (2003) proved to be great successes and were subsequently presented at a range of international festivals around the globe. In his latest performances, Matija is experimenting with basing object theatre shows on musical principles.

Pulcinella / DFKH 2020


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