10 directors / 10 actors / 10 crisis moments in Czech modern history

DIRECTORS Anna Klimešová, Kamila Polívková, Tereza Říhová, Jakub Čermák, Jan Frič, Štěpán Gajdoš, Tomáš Loužný, Ian Mikyska, Jiří Ondra, Ondřej Štefaňák
STARRING Magdalena Kuntová, Anita Krausová, Lucie Roznětínská, Jakub Gottwald, Vojtěch Hrabák, Hynek Chmelař, Jan Jankovský, Šimon Krupa, Václav Marhold, Pavel Neškudla
CAMERA Jan Kratochvíl, Jakub Mardešič, Tomáš Moravec, Štěpán Pech, Jiří Straka, Dominik Šlambora
EDITING Jakub Mardešič

A unique project of the Divadlo X10 theatre based on public speeches of important figures of Czech politics and culture, which influenced the understanding of reality at moments of crisis of modern Czech history. A moment of crisis may be understood not only as something negative – as a beginning of deteriorated conditions (whether economic, social, political, etc.) – it may also be positive, an invitation to make a radical change for the better. A “crisis” is a turning point, in which we must make a resolute choice between two options. We may only ever speculate about the effects of the choice, however, and hope for a positive outcome. The words of prominent public figures, political elites, moral authorities and proponents of radical methods, artist agitators and conformists, and national heroes and collaborators may then play a significant role in people’s individual decisions.

A drawing of lots determined creative pairs which would create a video recording of their assigned speech in a public space. The project begins on April 8 by publishing a recording of the drawing, and it will continue every Thursday through publishing the video of one of the speeches adapted by a director-actor tandem on Divadlo X10’s YouTube channel and social media. The whole project will end in Autumn by presenting all of the videos live during a multifaceted special right on the stage of Divadlo X10.

The Divadlo X10 theatre uses this project as its confident reaction to the theatre restrictions and the current situation of social crisis, in which people are daily confronted with various statements and speeches. A comparison with the speeches of modern Czech history allows us to see the current crisis in broader context, which reveals the underlying principles of manipulation and support, selfishness and unity, populism and the truthful recognition of the real state of things.




DIVADLO X10 Charvátova 10/39, Prague 1, 110 00