Marie N´Diaye

Conversational lynch. Inexorable.

DIRECTOR Tomáš Loužný
DRAMATURGY Ondřej Novotný
STAGE DESIGN Kateřina Jirmanová Soukupová
LIVE MUSIC Jindřich Čížek
ACTORS Lucie Roznětínská, Nataša Mikulová, Pavel Neškudla

"… I will tame her, in my goodness."

Mrs. Lemarchand needs a maid not to feel so alone. Repairman Frank Meyer has a wife named Hilda. Mrs. Lemarchand is fascinated by the name of Hilda. Mrs. Lemarchand needs a maid named Hilda. Repairman Frank Meyer needs money. Mrs. Lemarchand will give repairman Frank Meyer money to help him. Repairman Frank Meyer finds himself in a debt trap. Hilda doesn't even go home anymore. Repairman Frank Meyer has no job. The kids are crying and it's all hard. Will the revolution break out?

In the play of contemporary French prosaic, we meet in a very limited and precisely calculated space with the topics of manipulation, extortion, psychopathic exercise of power, emotional deprivation, forcing our image of the world on another person ... Spheres of social and intimate interpretation are constantly intertwined and enhanced: social fight besides rejecting one kiss, calling for a revolution besides a lost marriage. Similar to the ancient or shakespearean drama - a small mistake is enough to shatter the universe.



DIVADLO X10 Charvátova 10/39, Prague 1, 110 00