Český Honza / DFKH 2019


Performance will take place on the fifth Theatre Festival in Kutná Hora.

Performances for children from 3 years old on Palackého náměstí. Duration: 50 minutes


WRITTEN by Vit Peřina
DIRECTOR Michaela Homolová
EXPEDITION Barbora Hubená
STARRING Lokajová/Varga/Veliký

Puppet theatre for children from three years, which starts on a kitchen oven and ends in a royal wedding. Will Honza be able to outsmart and get the better of the devil, the dragon and the bandit? And choose the right bride? Yeah, lots of questions, and you can help answer them. This new text about Honza was written by playwright Vit Peřina based on the famous Czech fairy tales. Vít’s Honza is not stupid, but nice... somewhat indecisive :-)


Český Honza / DFKH 2019