Art Letters / DFKH 2020

Neïtah Janzing

Project aimed at sharing a personal relationship with art through letters to strangers.

The Art Letters Project is an invitation to participants to write a letter to an unknown person. The focus of it is to share one’s personal relation to an art piece using a medium different from our current means of communication. Through poetic writing, drawings and annotations, the participants are invited to transmit the feelings they lived while encountering the art. What was this artistic piece and how was it? What moved you? How did you come to see it?

It is to share the love of art.

On a table is a list from names and addresses, nice paper, enveloppes and pens. People choose someone from the list and add their name to it if they want to receive a letter. The participants are free to leave, or not, their senders’ address. The aim of the project is to initiate an exchange between two unknown people through artistic expression. At the end of the workshop, the letters are sent, via post, to the person to whom it is addressed.

The project is suitable for all, kids and adults.

Neïtah Janzing is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist currently based in Berlin, Germany. Working between visual arts, set design, and costume design, she’s particularly interested in textures, new
materials, as well as strangers; in that you never know who you’re passing by on the street, in cafes, in the metro, or even on facebook. She uses these meetings, or non-meetings, as inspiration for her artistic research.

Art Letters / DFKH 2020


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