DFKH 2019

DFKH 2019

In 2019, the festival introduced several plays and authors previously unknown to Czech audiences. At the same time, Czech plays were introduced in the new context of the Sedlec Brewery, a non-theatral space of a certain particularity. The Brewery has become the new centre of the festival, most of the programme took place here. Apart from the Brewery, the plays were staged only in the outdoor space at the Palackého Square where the programme for children was presented. The Theatre X10’s aim to cooperate with the new artistic generation logically manifested itself in the festival as well; the festival became a bridge between the renowned artists, who used to cooperate with the theatre, and the young directors who have begun to cooperate with the theatre in the 2018/2019 season. Moreover, the Theatre X10 started to focus on making international connections and on intensive international cooperation in the course of the festival. The intention was to enable some practical work experience exchange between the Czech and foreign independent artists and also to facilitate the development of direct contacts which might possibly lead to common projects. The festival focuses on the Central or Eastern European theatres which – because of the common history their countries share with the Czech Republic – also deal with the same problems and same artistic subjects.


Companies and performing artists

Toy Machine (Pinocchio, Princezna a vesničan), A studio Rubín (Burnout aneb vyhoř!), JEDL (Médeia), Il Mutamento Zona Castalia (The Fable of Another Youth, IT), Divadlo na cucky / Divadlo Petra Mankoveckého (1993), Spitfire Company (Miss America), Divadlo S.T.O.K.A. (Vírus), Theatre X10 (The Crippled), Teatr Bestemmia (On Animals, PL), Cult of Shame (I promise I bullshit)


Debate with directors, hosted by Martin Macháček
Guests: Blaho Uhlár, Jan Nebeský, Jan Frič

Debate on independent European theatre, hosted by Veronika Štefanová, Czech Radio Vltava
Guests: Alexa Băcanu, Reactor (RO), Elena Bolsuna, Acud theater (D), Janis Povilaitis (RU), Andrius Šiurys (LT)

Debate on physical theatre in the Czech Republic and Russia, hosted by Veronika Štefanová, Czech Radio Vltava
Guests: Miřenka Čechová, Janis Povilaitis

Accompanying programme

Masakr Elsinor: Jednotka pokrokového šansonu


X10 Kutná Hora curator (year-round activities)

Radka Zahradníková   radka@divadlox10.cz

DFKH curator

Ewa Zembok   ewa@divadlox10.cz