DFKH 2018

DFKH 2018

In the fourth year of Kutná Hora Performing Arts festival, the theatre was fully in charge of the production for the first time. At the beginning of 2018, Vojtěch Varyš, one of the founders of the festival, died, and therefore, it was unclear what was going to happen with the festival. In the same year, the Theatre X10 was forced to leave its first “home” in the Strašnice theatre and, consequently, the festival strašNICE ceased to exist. Both of the festivals had in a similar dramaturgy and the Theatre X10 was a regular guest in Kutná Hora, therefore, the idea to take over the whole festival emerged.

In 2018, the Theatre X10 managed to keep the festival alive without any grants. The conception of the festival, which focuses on the presentation of independent theatre at the international level, emphasising the contemporary topics, remains the same and is complemented by a new dimension: the work encounters focusing on the development of collaboration between individual artists and the development of the artistic field itself.


Companies and performing artists

Divadlo Toy Machine (Tři malá prasátka, Král Karel), A studio Rubín (Thelma a Selma), Theatre X10 (What Gets You and Makes You Hard, The Fear(s)), Divadlo na cucky (Opletal), Divadlo S.T.O.K.A. (29 ½), LokVar (Malá mořská víla), Stará Aréna (Storáče), Kryštof Pavelka a Adam Skala (Svatá Barbora: Vampire Hunter)


X10 Kutná Hora curator (year-round activities)

Radka Zahradníková   radka@divadlox10.cz

DFKH curator

Ewa Zembok   ewa@divadlox10.cz