X10 v Kutné Hoře

Why is X10 in Kutná Hora?

The Theatre X10’s activities in Kutná Hora date back to 2015 when the theatre participated in the first year of Kutná Hora Performing Arts Festival. Three years later, in 2018, the theatre started to produce the festival. From the beginning, the festival revolved around the dilapidated Sedlec Brewery. Thanks to the gradual reconstruction of the Brewery, the theatre has been able to spread its cultural activities organised there throughout 2020. The facilities of the Brewery enabled the use of other places in Kutná Hora as venues as well. Even though the first year was highly disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, it proved the locals’ interest in independent art. In co-operation with the local curator of the festival, the theatre manages to implement the dramaturgical visions into the local context. The Theatre X10 managed to establish cooperation with local artists and connect them with projects of the theatre in Prague, and, through the festival, with the international alternative scene as well.

Arts in Kutná Hora

Kutná Hora attracts visitors principally thanks to its historical town centre which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tourism industry flourishes also because of the practical location of the town in the centre of the Central-Bohemian region. However, as the town is easily approachable from Prague, tourists only stay in Kutná Hora for a very short time. The theatre is convinced that thoughtful and continuous cultural activities might expand and enrich the genius loci of the city and that Kutná Hora will be a place of culture not only as an important historical site, but also as an inspirational place known for arts and contemporary theatre. Last but not least, the locals will benefit from a wider range of cultural events and community activities available.


Dramaturgy for Kutná Hora

The Kutná Hora dramaturgy aims to strengthen the collaboration of artistic subjects on the local, national and international level. Therefore, the local events will be combined with events which resonate with national and international audiences. Theatre artists focusing on topical issues and the social situation in Europe will be invited to Kutná Hora. The dramaturgy therefore corresponds with the broader dramaturgical vision of the Theatre X10, which continually tackles the questions of dystopia of our world, the rising of racism and xenophobia and – in the broader sense – it deals with the current questions of morals and the anchoring of an individual in the world.

The essential components of the year-round activities of the Theatre X10 in Kutná Hora are contemporary drama, performative theatre and puppet theatre. However, the programme also includes artistic workshops for both the general public and professionals, community based events and accompanying programme such as exhibitions, concerts and workshops. The Sedlec Brewery, which is the centre of the Theatre X10 activities in Kutná Hora, will provide a creative space for various artists which will then publicly present their projects in Kutná Hora.

Sedlec Brewery

The history of the brewery began in 16th century when the original enterprise was founded. After 1820, the Schwarzenberg family bought the dissolved Cistercian abbey. The beer was brewed here until 1943. At the beginning of 20th century, it was one of the most modern breweries in the country. It produced about 9 thousand hectolitres of beer per year. Later, it became a state property and after 1989, the whole chateau complex was returned to the Schwarzenberg family in restitution. In 2010, the family sold the remains of the brewery to the academic painter and restorer Jan Chejn. At the moment, there is a café, a newly roofed hall, a cellar and a courtyard. Places for accommodation, a restaurant and an exhibition hall will be built in the near future.

Should you be interested in collaboration with X10 in Kutná Hora, contact the curators directly.


X10 Kutná Hora curator (year-round activities)

Radka Zahradníková   radka@divadlox10.cz

DFKH curator

Ewa Zembok   ewa@divadlox10.cz