X10 Kutná Hora

The essential components of the year-round activities of the Theatre X10 in Kutná Hora are contemporary drama, performative theatre and puppet theatre. However, the programme also includes artistic workshops for both the general public and professionals, community based events and accompanying programme such as exhibitions, concerts and workshops. The Sedlec Brewery, which is the centre of the Theatre X10 activities in Kutná Hora, will provide a creative space for various artists which will then publicly present their projects in Kutná Hora.

Kutná Hora Performing Arts Festival

Kutná Hora Performing Arts Festival (DFKH) focuses on presenting independent art at the international level and emphasises contemporary topics. The main programme consists of new productions by the Czech independent theatre scene both from Prague and other regions, it also presents the European scene. Besides Slovakia, which is a permanent guest of the festival, the audience has a chance to see productions from the Central or East Europe every year. The festival traditionally organizes a free programme for families with small children in the centre of the town (at Palackého Square); the evening programme consisting of puppet or object theatre for the adults is one of the highlights of the festival. Every year, the incoming artistic generation prepares a new production exclusively for the festival. The programme of the festival is accompanied by concerts, installations and other activities.


X10 Kutná Hora curator (year-round activities)

Radka Zahradníková   radka@divadlox10.cz

DFKH curator

Ewa Zembok   ewa@divadlox10.cz